Friday, August 12, 2005

Nile Shmile

West Nile, ooohhhh, now I'm scared! Now hear this, I was sitting out in the backyard at mi casa yesterday evening, and a mosquito, yup, one of those disgusting disease carrying bloodsucking little insects, bit me right up in the crotchal region (okay, I was nude at the time, so sue me, I was on private property and I think the neighbors like it). Damn, now I'm a goner, I can already feel the virus taking over my immune system, getting weaker by the moment. How did that little bugger get away from the spraying they're doing in the area, was he hiding!
Seriously, West Nile is far from the "epidemic" that the media is projecting. Yes, it is out there, and yes, it can kill, but, what's the percentage of people that will actually become violently ill due to being infected, showing the neurological symptons? About, oh, 1%, I think is the number. Just like the flu, the really young, the really old, and people with compromised immune systems are AT RISK! And of the people that are in good health, maybe 20% of those that become infected will actually SHOW symptons of West Nile (flu, rash, etc). That means 80% of the population that actually contracts the disease will never even know they had it!! I think those percentages are better than the flu, of which will afflict millions more each year, and about 99% of those poor bastards will know that they had it. Well, maybe more some other time, gotta go, it's BEER:30 on a Friday, time to go play in traffic for awhile!